CUSCO 199 474 L Adjustable rear upper arms for TOYOTA Mark X (GRX120/GRX130)/Crown (GRS210/GRS214) Photo-0

CUSCO 199 474 L Adjustable rear upper arms for TOYOTA Mark X (GRX120/GRX130)/Crown (GRS210/GRS214)

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CUSCOP/N: 199 474 L GTIN: 4996338049988

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CUSCO suspension parts are designed to improve vehicle handling characteristics, whether used alone or with other CUSCO parts. These performance parts enable precise suspension adjustment and should be highly considered when factory components are not sufficient enough for the demanding type of motorsports the end user participates in. It also compliments other high performance modifications the vehicle has undergone, such as high grip tires by limiting factory bushing slop and giving more direct feel of the road surface.

Controls unwanted forces under acceleration and braking. CUSCO's pillow ball joint lateral links / control arms are designed to secure traction and stability during acceleration under high speed cornering. Most effective when fitted with racing tires or larger size tires. Also, enhancing aggressive racing looks by CUSCO Blue from rear!

Toe-in and toe-out or Camber settings are easy to adjust.


  • Material: Steel
  • Side: Rear
  • Adjustable Range: +15mm -15mm