RED LINE OIL 71203 Diesel Fuel Additive RL Anti-Gel 0.44 L (15 oz) Photo-0

RED LINE OIL 71203 Diesel Fuel Additive RL Anti-Gel 0.44 L (15 oz)

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RED LINE OIL 71203 Diesel Fuel Additives RL Anti-Gel 0.44 L (15 oz)

  • For diesel operation in extremely cold climates
  • Improves low-temp operation by preventing crystallization, gelling and freezing
  • Helps to prevent cold start issues and plugged filters
  • One 15oz bottle treats 100 gallons, while one gallon treats up to 850 gallons

Available in different levels of concentration, these products provide the detergency, lubrication, and faster combustion for today's diesel fuels

  • All Red Line Diesel additives comply with federal low-sulfur content requirements
  • Rather than creating new products in the diesel category, Red Line reformulates these products often to ensure that they meet the changing demands of the latest diesel fuels
  • Winter formulas use pour-point reducers to keep wax in suspension and reduce wax crystals to pass through filters and injectors