SPARCO 00537046BTM IS-400 M Photo-0

SPARCO 00537046BTM IS-400 M

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Professional Digital Intercom control unit

  • This intercom is made up of a main case and a remot unit with a 7'' screen where the crew can menage all setting and future.
  • Selectable noise filters.
  • Selectable pre-setting voice equalizations.
  • Customize voice equalization.
  • BlueTooth telephone module.
  • RCA connector for in-car camera.
  • AUX connector for telephone and radio.
  • Detachable male Nexus Connectors Stage mode with automatic switch off Bluetooth and Aux channels.
  • USB-C connector for rechargable auxiliary.
  • Precision Stopwatching with elapsed time and countdown mode.
  • TripMaster: accurate distance counters with double direction counting (up or down) - GPS antennas cod.XXXXX is needed.
  • Current, Average and Maximum speed - GPS antennas cod.XXXXX is needed.
  • OPT Button hand remote to mange easily stopwatching or tripmaster (cod.XXXXX)
  • Power cable for connection to the 12V car battery.
  • Rollcage or dashboard attachment.